Jeff Miller

     Jeff Miller is a scientist, minister, and musician and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Freed-Hardeman University, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a Doctoral degree from Auburn University in biomechanical engineering. He has been preaching and instructing youth for over 20 years, writing, performing, and instructing music (including instructing at three colleges) for over 25 years, and has authored hundreds of Christian evidence and apologetics articles, as well as the books, Science vs. Evolution, Hidden in My Heart, and Dating Without Detonating. He is also the author of several memory verse CDs, designed to assist Christians in memorizing key passages and concepts that are helpful in evangelism scenarios.

      Dr. Miller currently serves as the full-time science writer at Apologetics Press in Montgomery, AL, where he is the editor of the Apologetics Press Bible Class Curriculum and the Associate Editor of the monthly Christian evidences journal, Reason & Revelation. He has participated in five Creation geologic expeditions with leading Creation geologists in Wyoming, studying seismites in the Lance Formation and dinosaur fossil beds, in Tennessee studying rapid cave formation, and at the Grand Canyon, studying evidences of the Canyon’s rapid formation and carving during and after the biblical Flood. He lectures and conducts seminars regularly around the country on Christian Evidences, science, the Bible, evangelism, and the home.